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what is meta title and discription

Meta Title


Meta title is a snippet of text on the search engine result page that displays your website's name, description, and keywords. It is important to optimize your meta title because it will affect how well your site ranks.


Meta Title Character Limit : 60 characters ( 525- 535 pixels )


Some tips for optimizing your meta title include:


- Include keywords in the title - Keep it concise and relevant to the site content - Use a consistent format for all pages

- Make it descriptive

- Include the name of your site in the title

- Avoid using abbreviations or nicknames

- Make sure the title makes sense on its own


Meta Description


Meta description is a short summary of the web page that is displayed in search engine results pages. Meta descriptions are used to provide information about the web page and entice the user to click on the link. The meta description should be accurate, concise, and compelling. It should not include any keywords or repeat words unnecessarily.

Meta descriptions are seen by search engines as a tag that provides additional information about the page to users. As a result, meta descriptions should provide specific details about what can be found on the website in order to encourage user interaction and clicks. Search engines place more weight on these tags than they do normal text, so meta descriptions should get creative in order to entice


Meta Title Character Limit : 155-160 characters. (430 -920 pixels).


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