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7 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to Increase Website Rank


If you think that you have developed a perfect business website to drive organic traffic to your website, then you are right. But you have to accept the fact that it’s not enough to create a website to establish your brand. You have to apply SEO strategies to get your site ranked at the top of Google search results only when your site receives the active and organic traffic of target audiences.
SEO is a continuous process of minimizing the code as per Google standards. WordPress has various resources to make your site SEO friendly.
The first thing you need to perform to make your site SEO friendly is to select the best quality WordPress theme along with the best SEO-friendly WordPress plugin.
Let’s take an overview of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, its need, and their importance in the business website.

Grow Your Business Online with the Best Seo Practices

Do you want to build better business websites? Let’s learn the SEO plugin that is used to optimize web pages and provides 100% relevant and accurate information from the Google database. It helps to get rank plugins in the first place of search results which creates possibilities to gain millions of clicks and hits regularly.
SEO plugins are one of the successful strategies used to rank your website higher place and optimize your content.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress



HubSpot is a highly recommended SEO plugin to optimize your content and prioritize it on the ranking of search results. It really impacts the SEO and helps to increase the search engine rank so that you will meet with the global organic traffic.

The plugin monitors the overall performance and ranking of your website. It is a special tool that comes with live chat, email marketing, forms, and many more options that contribute to expanding your business.

It is a free plugin that maintains customer relationships and works hassle-free. It is ideal for small-scale business websites. 

All-In-One SEO

Now boost your business online and improve the SEO of your website to get better traffic on a regular basis. The plugin will act as a support to monitor the traffic coming to your website. The Time-saving All-in-One SEO plugin is one of the most advantageous plugins that generate sitemaps for Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo automatically. It maximizes the chances of being hit by the user. 

Yoast SEO


If you want to make your business website stand out against the other competitors, then it has to rank higher on relevant keywords in search results. Yoast SEO is a plugin that is widely used to optimize your content so that it can place at the top of the search engine. A free Yoast SEO plugin has all the required features that are necessary for SEO, like meta description, sitemap creation, and others. It will guide you on the proper placement of keywords in your content. The best of the best SEO plugin is ideal for writers to write content according to Yoast guidelines.



SEMrush is one the topmost SEO plugins that do keyword research, build the strategy to track keywords, and run an SEO audit of your blog. It also helps to find out the backlinking opportunities. Let me tell you one very important thing that SEMRush is the most trustworthy SEO plugin. All types of enterprises use this plugin to rank their website on top search results. 

Google Search Console

Improve your performance on Google search with the very dynamic, powerful, and enthusiastic tool which is widely used in the world for keyword research. It assists webmasters in maintaining and monitoring the ranking and making their presence active on the server. It is the very first free tool offered by Google for SEO practices.

The Google Search Console helps you for focusing on the keywords, anchor tags, average position, impressions, and many important factors that can make your site rank at the top of the search results. The guidelines for SEO can give you the best ideas for writing unique and SEO-friendly blogs. You will get the guidelines free of cost as the SEO tool is free.

Google Keyword Planner


Choose the right keyword and create SEO-friendly content for your blog. It will be beneficial for you to get ranked in the first place of search results. And it will receive massive traffic to your site, which can increase your sales.

A Google keyword Planner is a tool that is specially made for generating new keyword ideas from Google itself. It helps to identify what people may think of while searching for particular information.

It also contributes to showing and advertising the keywords which can bid for advertising campaigns.

It is very useful for writers to find the right keywords with a higher volume of search and advertiser interest. It’s a free tool where you don’t have to pay anything for its subscription.


It’s a rocking SEO plugin that enables the proper keyword search and reveals numerous opportunities for marketing. It is possible with just a few clicks.

Ahref a tool that is a type of all-in-one SEO plugin used to make grow and expand the arena of search traffic and to optimize websites. A simple user interface of the Ahref can make the access of data easier.

A keyword generator Ahref tool can show about 100 keyword ideas to inspire your addition with the 50 relevant questions. One of the most important plugins is beneficial for rank tracking.

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