15 Ultimate Hacks on How to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs

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Struggling with How to Drive Traffic to your Blogs? This article will strengthen your ways of getting good blog traffic. Writing good content isn’t that much needed for a brand to promote. You need readers to share and engage with your content, right? That’s why every brand strives to get good blog traffic.  Knowing how to drive traffic becomes crucial when you have so much to post and publish. But getting the right ideas and key benefits makes it easier to get immense traffic.

If you are searching for the right tricks to get your blogs full of traffic, then follow the below steps:

15 Steps To Follow to Drive Traffic To Your Blogs

  1. Evergreen Content Creation
  2. Focus on Trending Topics
  3. Target On-page SEO
  4. Use Catchy Headlines
  5. Incorporate Keywords and Links
  6. Include Quality Backlinks
  7. Organic Social Media
  8. Influencer Collaboration
  9. Include Target Keywords in the URL
  10. Include Graphics
  11. Social Sharing Buttons
  12. Post High-Quality Content and Update it
  13. Make Content Easy to Read
  14. Email List Building
  15. Community Building

Evergreen Content Creation

Starting with first to drive traffic on your blogs, you need to focus on content creation. Content creation is the methodology of inbound marketing that attracts target audiences. You must know what the audience looks for in content and target those assets. Finding out about the target market, SEO searches, and answering questions will reach the right audience. Once you know what the audience looks for in content, you can make them in your blogs.

Focus on Trending Topics

Living in a fast-forwarding world, the trend for new content keeps updating. Following this, blogs must be written on trending topics to ensure faster speed. People mostly search for topics that are recently searched or trending. This results in top ranks on Google searches, thus increasing traffic to your blogs.Living in a fast-forwarding world, the trend for new content keeps updating. Following this, blogs must be written on trending topics to ensure faster speed. People mostly search for topics that are recently searched or trending. This results in top ranks on Google searches, thus increasing traffic to your blogs.

Target On-page SEO

Getting your blogs ready according to SEO is the most vital asset to be noticed while blogging. On-page SEO is the best technique to be used with the need to drive traffic. It includes captivating titles, meta descriptions, headers, and URLs. The title is the first thing a user looks for in a blog, and it should be simple but catchy. Utilizing stronger titles may drag more viewers to look at your blogs. The focus keyword should be the spotlight of the title or meta description you write.

Use Catchy Headlines

This fact can’t be denied: as viewers, we always go for the header or title of the blog. If we find it casual or normal, we just skip off the blog to the next one. Catchy headlines or titles are always looked up by most users visiting blogs. Analyzing your website and knowing about your niche can make you write better. Picking a unique header that resembles your niche website finds the right audience.

Incorporate Keywords and Internal Links

Keyword strategy is the best way to be on top SEO searches. The best strategy is to ensure every page has a strong keyword strategy. Choose one keyword that you find users will search to find the blog post. The same keyword in the title, headline, or introduction can improve traffic.

Next, using Internal Links can make your site drive more traffic. Including internal blog links will create curiosity about your site. And this helps users interact more with your website and refer others.
So, focusing on the keywords and Internal links can easily drive more traffic to your site.

Include Quality Backlinks

Adding quality Backlinks can be a great way to keep users engaged with your site. This includes adding links to other web pages or posts to your blogs. And this, in return, will get closure on top Google ranks. Ensure you link qualitative backlinks to your blogs so that users would love to visit again and again.

Organic Social Media

Implementing a new organic social media strategy to your blogs can drive fast traffic. It includes posting on social media through Instagram stories, live videos, or Facebook Messenger. And most importantly, using the swipe up, placing links, or featuring can strengthen it. You can focus on not just Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but also YouTube and Pinterest to generate more traffic.

Influencer Collaboration

Clients get easily influenced to buy products or sites when marketed by influencers. Influencer marketing is the best way to get more traffic to your blog. It is budget-friendly and worth investing in influencers, getting higher chances of traffic. They probably post discount codes, links, reviews, or giveaways, resulting in huge traffic.

Include Target Keywords in the URL

Including keyword URLs can be a great way to get better traffic on the blog. The keyword URL is the unique address resembling your website. Search engines often focus on the URLs having targetted keywords, giving better ranks for the blogs. This mostly drags users to visit the URL, thus creating traffic.

Include Graphics

Graphics, including image and video content, grab more users of the blogs. Graphics easily stick in users’ minds faster than written blogs. Images are easy gateways to get immense traffic on blogs. Make sure your images are well-optimized according to search engines.
Next is adding video content, which is the trendiest way to get traffic on your blogs. You may be well-versed in YouTube and IGTV, where brands usually market their products. Video marketing is the best strategy applied by most brands striving for traffic. Creating video content via Instagram stories, YouTube, or Facebook proves great for traffic.

Social Sharing Buttons

Everyone has a personal social account and tends to know what’s happening worldwide. Promoting your blogs on social media via links is best to drive traffic. Social sharing buttons are shareable links, making it easy for readers to share. As a result of, sharing your content with more people, it will easily drive traffic.

Post High-Quality Content and Update it

Today, the internet is bursting with people striving to get fast fame for blogging. And that’s only possible when you post quality and crisp content to people. To stay on top in this challenging world, you must appear stronger with unique content. And that’s what viewers find in your content. The best way is to post regularly and keep your users engaged with some thrills. Ensure you regularly update your content strategy to welcome new users.

Make Content Easy to Read

Not every time professionals read your content. Sometimes, it’s the non-technical people who get versed with your content. And they are not aware of the high-profile language mostly presented for professionals. You also need to ensure that novices easily read your content. For this, you must use simple but catchy content for your blogs so that more users can read them.

Next is using tables, bullets, and graphs to improve your presentation. People go for a clean and minimal website with a perfect arrangement of white spaces. It makes your posts appear clear without much mess. All these small points will drive more traffic to your blog.

Email List Building

Having a finite number of clients and readers is not more than a boon and a great way to traffic. After posting blogs, you can directly share with the subscribers to boost traffic. And instead of writing new content for all of them, you can just post a paragraph leaving a link to your post. Readers halfway through reading your content will click on the links, thus gaining traffic. Moreover, you can increase your mailing list by:

  • Linking your website on your profile page.
  • Include a call to action redirecting to your post page.
  • Include sign-up or registration forms from your homepage for users.
  • Let them leave comments about your website visiting experiences.

Community Building

Engaging with your clients and building a healthy community is an observed trick for getting traffic. Getting to interact with your audience or clients makes a great brand image. You can raise Instagram live, Facebook group discussions, or answer comments. Or you can directly interact with your audience through direct messages. This, in return, assures clients of your brand’s prosperity. You just need to be humble and able to deal with tricky audiences as well.


Driving traffic isn’t easy and never-ending in this increasingly digital world. You come across new and updated features for driving traffic to your blogs every day. We have encountered some top hacks that will ensure good traffic on your blogs. Trying any of these methods in your blogs will create a massive upliftment in traffic. And that’s what every brand searches for, right? I hope this article has made you well aware of the tricks of driving traffic to your blogs.

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